Movember 2010 - Final Post


A big thank you to all those who got involved with Movember this year and a special thank you to those who donated to the cause. It started with the sacrifice of my sacred beard one month ago and has seen me take a journey of moustache based discovery. It's been one hell of a month and the little animation above is testimony not just to the progress of my tash but also to the various states I have found myself in each morning thanks to some cracking weekends. I have been touched by the generosity of my friends and am pleased to announce that as of 22:30 this evening the Keep Bondi Topless Movember team has raised over £600 for The Prostate Cancer Charity! If you pledged and would still like to donate however, you still can for another 10 days.

November 2010

So the last few weeks of life have been turbo and I'm bloody glad I carry a camera around with me all the time ever. Currently too tired and hungover to bother going into detail but needless to say the result of all this mayhem was sitting in my rum soaked boxers at 5am this morning bidding and winning £125 worth of Yashica T4 on ebay. I am very much enjoying life right now. Plus we've raised over £500 for movember!

There are 3 recent sets to have a look through;

Movember - 3 week update

Day 22 of Movember and after a weekend spent watering my tash with alcohol of various types it's finally worth looking at. I've received some generous donations so far this month, so I'd like to say another thank you for those. There's still just over a week to go so if you've pledged me some cash for my tash, please don't forget to donate on payday! Heading to the Movember party in Battersea on Thursday evening to witness some truly epic facial hair.

Movember - 2 week update

So we're now 14 days into Movember and progress is finally showing! After a slow start a moustache is finally showing and getting healthier. However, after a great start with donations at the beginning of the month there's been nothing for a week! We're really hoping to make a difference this year so if you've got even a spare fiver in your bank account, please click the link and donate to this worthy cause


As most of you know I like fire. Most people like fire too. I also like taking photographs. Only natural therefore that I've taken photographs of fire. Full set here.

Movember - 1 week update

Currently on day 8 of Movember and so far progress has been slow. It turns out that having had a moustache for so long doesn't necessarily mean you can grow one fast. However there have been some generous donations to both me and the team which I'd like to thank you for but we're only a week in and would like to raise a whole lot more. Here's an update photo for your amusement. (New iPhone might be fancy but it certainly does me no favours on the photo front!). To donate to the Movember cause, please visit here.