"The elephant sitting on my chest is what's giving me a hard time currently. Likewise, my eyelids are suffering serious energy depletion and I'm yawning wide enough to engulf all the office furniture in my immediate vicinity. I wish I could go back to standing behind the BBQ with my pink champagne and woeful chat"

Down The Coast

Spent the weekend down the coast. Took some photos and videos on my iPhone, which I've never been to sure about using for serious imaging but actually does a pretty decent job. Bowling, sunshine, sunsets, climbing trees. Full set here.

Elephant & Castle

This morning changing between train and tube station.

Sun in October

A couple more new releases from the Indian Summer Set. Franks Cafe in Peckham and Crystal Palace Sports Centre.

POW. Right in the kisser.

Fisticuffs at the wedding of Mr and Mrs Scott. 10 Rolls of film to be developed from that weekend... (photo courtesy of James Painter)

Hugh Lyndon Barrell Graduates LCC 2011.

My little brother Hugh Lyndon Barrell graduated with; BA(Hons) Graphic and Media Design Illustration - London College of Communication - 2008 ~ 2011. Nice one bruva!

Scotty 2 Hotty & The Dirty Dozen do Prague.

Aaran's getting married to Laura and come August I'm sure there'll be a post dedicated to that momentous occasion. For now though, we've got the Stag-do in Prague. Unfortunately you'll never see all the photos but here's a little taster.

Thanet Earth

On the way back from Broadstairs a while back we came across this place, Thanet Earth. Apparently it's a facility where tomatoes, peppers and lettuce is grown year round. It's like something from a sci-fi film. Full set here.


Went down to Dungeness in Kent with Ando and Adam a couple of weekends ago. That place is weird. Full set here.


My dad and I a little while after I was born, recently unearthed and originally taken by my mum. I find this photograph amazing (and no this will not be leading to a deluge of scanned baby photographs).

Kew Gardens

Went to Kew Gardens recently. What a place, 5 hours and we'd only scratched the surface. Full set here.

Another world

Flickr might be packed to the hilt with shitty HDR photography but there're also some great photographers on there. Below is a photograph that popped up in my watch list today that took my breath away. You may or may not have surfed before but we all know the feeling of plunging through the face of a wave and emerging into the calm water behind it. To have captured this moment so well speaks volumes about the photographer's skill. Head over here to see more.

Where's my car at?

I parked my car on Arrol Road, Beckenham on Monday night and now it's not there. As such I think it's been stolen and would like to get it back. I was planning many things for my car this year but it's looking increasingly unlikely they'll happen. I'll be regularly updating any progress made via twitter @wheresmynissan and via this blog and Facebook page. Of course if you've any information relating to the whereabouts of my little red chariot then please get in touch via any of these pages. Below is a poster I've knocked up for my local area. Feel free to print it and distribute it to people you do/don't know. Thank you.

Best Tree Ever

Now up there on my list of top 10 favourite trees. More from Twickenham and London in December 2010 here.