Anomalous Materials

Besides printing 1,300 travel photos and snapping a few rolls of 35mm here and there, my creative output since returning from the world has been somewhat lacking. As a result of renewed and persistent support and threats from friends and family alike I have decided to make a concerted effort to pull my finger out and get on with it.

On the cards is;
  • Displaying those 1,300 photos in several albums/books
  • Organising the draw full of material collected from my travels into some form of collage/book/art piece/memoir
  • Keeping this blog updated
  • Redesigning
  • Getting back into stencil work
  • Picking up the t-shirt printing business
  • Wind, twist and clicking more film photos
  • Developing and maintaining my beard for Biffy Clyro on the 12th November
'Blady ell' you're thinking?! Well like Hugh said to me the other day, whats the point in having the skills if you're going to waste them?

Thanks everyone for a foot in the ass in the right direction.