Wild Beastival 2010

Bestival 2010 was just something else really. From the 2.30am start to the midnight return it was 5 days of sold gold good times. Check out the full set here.

Clinic & the mug

Fired off a few rounds at Clinic's 'Semiotics' night a couple of weeks back, the one directly below is of the Lewisham Fun Police informing Large Boats their set would have to be a few songs long due to excessive noise. That's why they're called the fun police. The other shot is an Independent mug I found in the middle of Vesta Road at 3am after a house party. Whose mug was it and how did it get there?

Nunhead Cemetery & Reservoir

Just down the road are two pretty interesting places, Nunhead cemetery and reservoir. Here are some photos taken there.

South West Four 2010

Attended the SW4 music festival on Clapham common last weekend and managed to snap off 3 rolls of film whilst raving, having consumed 1/2 litre of rum and the rest. What a blast!


Went for a country walk with mum a couple of weeks back. Just a few from Westerham.