Have a cheeky peak district.

Friday to Monday in a massive house up a hill in the Peak District celebrating Emma Finch's birthday. Full set here.

Red Carpet Treatment

Me and Dan on the red carpet at the 2010 Movember Gala at Battersea Evolution.

Movember 2010 - Final Post


A big thank you to all those who got involved with Movember this year and a special thank you to those who donated to the cause. It started with the sacrifice of my sacred beard one month ago and has seen me take a journey of moustache based discovery. It's been one hell of a month and the little animation above is testimony not just to the progress of my tash but also to the various states I have found myself in each morning thanks to some cracking weekends. I have been touched by the generosity of my friends and am pleased to announce that as of 22:30 this evening the Keep Bondi Topless Movember team has raised over £600 for The Prostate Cancer Charity! If you pledged and would still like to donate however, you still can for another 10 days. http://uk.movember.com/mospace/297168

November 2010

So the last few weeks of life have been turbo and I'm bloody glad I carry a camera around with me all the time ever. Currently too tired and hungover to bother going into detail but needless to say the result of all this mayhem was sitting in my rum soaked boxers at 5am this morning bidding and winning £125 worth of Yashica T4 on ebay. I am very much enjoying life right now. Plus we've raised over £500 for movember! http://uk.movember.com/mospace/297168

There are 3 recent sets to have a look through;

Movember - 3 week update

Day 22 of Movember and after a weekend spent watering my tash with alcohol of various types it's finally worth looking at. I've received some generous donations so far this month, so I'd like to say another thank you for those. There's still just over a week to go so if you've pledged me some cash for my tash, please don't forget to donate on payday! Heading to the Movember party in Battersea on Thursday evening to witness some truly epic facial hair. http://uk.movember.com/mospace/297168

Movember - 2 week update

So we're now 14 days into Movember and progress is finally showing! After a slow start a moustache is finally showing and getting healthier. However, after a great start with donations at the beginning of the month there's been nothing for a week! We're really hoping to make a difference this year so if you've got even a spare fiver in your bank account, please click the link and donate to this worthy cause http://uk.movember.com/mospace/297168


As most of you know I like fire. Most people like fire too. I also like taking photographs. Only natural therefore that I've taken photographs of fire. Full set here.

Movember - 1 week update

Currently on day 8 of Movember and so far progress has been slow. It turns out that having had a moustache for so long doesn't necessarily mean you can grow one fast. However there have been some generous donations to both me and the team which I'd like to thank you for but we're only a week in and would like to raise a whole lot more. Here's an update photo for your amusement. (New iPhone might be fancy but it certainly does me no favours on the photo front!). To donate to the Movember cause, please visit here.


I was asked recently what sort of photography I do. I wouldn't say that I really 'do' photography as such, more that I take photos of everything and anything I find interesting. As such the image below was taken because I liked the trees. It's also where my mum used to walk on her way home from the beach and where my dad used to go hunting (thankfully not at the same time). Here are a few more from the weekend in Essex.


On behalf of the very worthy cause of The Prostate Cancer Charity I have turned the clocks back 5 years and shaven my sacred beard. Why you ask? Because for the month of Movember my team and I will be growing moustaches to raise money for the charity. Having not shaven properly in 2 years, I forgot how unpleasant it was. It's a lot of effort and the only reward is razor burn, having a considerably colder face and looking like your 18 year old self. As such I'm asking that you please acknowledge this immense personal sacrifice by signing up and joining in here or donating generously here. Thank you!

Vang Vieng, Laos by buttonmoOon

As opposed to posting my own work as per usual I was moved to share this photo with you in direct reference to my previous post on Tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos. Through the haze of Beerlao, local whisky and mushrooms I can recall floating down the Nam Song river witnessing the spectacular view below. I don't think I was ever in any state to go out and take a photo like this, so a personal thanks I guess. Check out some of his other work http://www.flickr.com/photos/buttonmooon/

Tubing in the Vang Vieng

Ollie has come home from New Zealand for a month and with him he brought a soapy Caltex steak and cheese pie and a load of long lost videos from Tubing. Feast your eyes on the links below for a little reminder of why we loved it so much.


Because it's such a great word and if you put it on a car, the car is automatically awesome.


To cure the inevitable Sunday hangover we set off to Shoreham in Kent for some creams teas, a walk, tea from a thermos (with cake) and a pub roast. Win. Full set here.

Canon 50mm f1.4

Just like the Canon 50mm f1.8 but better. And no you can't borrow it ;) A few samples here.

Toodles Vesta Road.

So after a tremendous two years of Vesta Road and her various residents it came to moving out time. Having only personally been involved with this domicile of dreams for a year I can still say it was a sad day when the door was closed for the final time. After much repainting and cleaning the house is now someone else's. Check out the empty shell here and Dead Red Sun's finale performance here.

No meat @ Nettleton

Had a super smashing no meat meal at Nettleton. Full set here.

Wild Beastival 2010

Bestival 2010 was just something else really. From the 2.30am start to the midnight return it was 5 days of sold gold good times. Check out the full set here.

Clinic & the mug

Fired off a few rounds at Clinic's 'Semiotics' night a couple of weeks back, the one directly below is of the Lewisham Fun Police informing Large Boats their set would have to be a few songs long due to excessive noise. That's why they're called the fun police. The other shot is an Independent mug I found in the middle of Vesta Road at 3am after a house party. Whose mug was it and how did it get there?

Nunhead Cemetery & Reservoir

Just down the road are two pretty interesting places, Nunhead cemetery and reservoir. Here are some photos taken there.

South West Four 2010

Attended the SW4 music festival on Clapham common last weekend and managed to snap off 3 rolls of film whilst raving, having consumed 1/2 litre of rum and the rest. What a blast!


Went for a country walk with mum a couple of weeks back. Just a few from Westerham.

The Camera Club / Beach Road Hotel / Sydney, AUS

I was recently honoured by receiving an invitation to participate in the opening exhibition of The Camera Club at the famous Beach Road Hotel, in Bondi, Syndey. Ironically I spent a lot of time there during my residence in Sydney but it's only now I'm home in London that I've been given the opportunity to show my work at such a great venue.

The opening night and launch party is next Thursday the 2nd of September at 7pm and I'm certain it'll be a blast. So if you're in the neighbourhood or know anyone who is then spread the word and head down.

Boozey Send-off

Little brother met some quality Aussies when we were over there at Christmas. They recently visited Europe to make merry and before they left they passed through London for one final night. Top night! Full set here.

Video's from the world.

Went home to raid my old hard drive the other day and accidentally opened up a digital treasure chest. Old photos and videos galore. I've uploaded a few of the best videos to Vimeo. Enjoy.

AK47 - Myles from 1 of 13 on Vimeo.

World Times

Working on a project at the moment that prompted me to fly through my photos from the world and select a few favourites. Here's the selection and a little insight into the wonders I beheld.


My brother has a studio near Elephant and Castle with an awesome view from the roof. Full set here.

Jaguars, Dinosaurs and Shadows.

> 12:03am taken at Brockley station after 10+ cans of redstripe up east.
> Roadworks off Vesta Road. Tarmac eating mechanical dinosaur.
> Sepecat Jaguar, stripped, polished and installed in the Tate Britain.
> Nettleton Road.

Justine's Sheppey Island Birthday Beach Party

Full set here.


A little series of shots taken whilst on holiday in Normandy, France. Full set here.


My brother is literally so powerful he makes rocks move with his mind. Fear him.

Small Victories

Pedro dropped me a link to a competition for a gallery opening in Hong Kong. The theme was everyday events and you had to post 3 images to Canada. At the time, that dirty Volcano was chucking up ash and interrupting air traffic so I got a mate in Canada to print and post mine for me as well (just in case). Turns out little brother, James and I each had a photo chosen and put into the exhibition. Quite pleased about that really, nothing major but it's great to think international mail allowed us to share our work like that. Have a butcher's at our selected shots and all the other great stuff that went up here.

Up East

I was assisting Al Sharpton shooting a friends uni project up East London a couple of weeks back. There's some digital from the shoot on Flickr but here's a couple from the day. Might look into getting me one of those yawn operated phones.

Seaside Sunshine

 A select few from our recent jaunt down to Brighton. 8 Hours on the beach followed by a BBQ and a sunset drive home. Spot on. The rest are up on Flickr.


I recently spent the weekend down in Cheltenham with some mates. After all the drinking was done Saturday, we spent Sunday afternoon up a hill surveying some breathtaking scenery. It's nice to get out of the city sometimes.