Volcanic Sunset

As I'm sure you're well aware there was a Volcanic eruption in Iceland recently that launched a whole load of material into the atmosphere. Whilst this created some serious problems for many, for me it created a unique photo opportunity. Probably never again in my lifetime will I be able to photograph such a rich sunset (resulting from the volcanic compounds in the atmosphere) without a single plane in the sky. Click for the complete set.

Gardens of Ghosts

Below is a series of photographs taken depicting a single block of gardens on the Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke. Even when the adjoining flats were occupied I find it hard to imagine these little concrete boxes ever being pleasant spaces.

Enter the Canon EOS 650

I recently acquired a Canon EOS 650 35mm from ebay for the princely fee of £14.99 (inc p&p). As a result I can now shoot film with digital lenses. The photos were developed at Boots in Surrey Quays for £3 a film. Laters Asda.