My brother is literally so powerful he makes rocks move with his mind. Fear him.

Small Victories

Pedro dropped me a link to a competition for a gallery opening in Hong Kong. The theme was everyday events and you had to post 3 images to Canada. At the time, that dirty Volcano was chucking up ash and interrupting air traffic so I got a mate in Canada to print and post mine for me as well (just in case). Turns out little brother, James and I each had a photo chosen and put into the exhibition. Quite pleased about that really, nothing major but it's great to think international mail allowed us to share our work like that. Have a butcher's at our selected shots and all the other great stuff that went up here.

Up East

I was assisting Al Sharpton shooting a friends uni project up East London a couple of weeks back. There's some digital from the shoot on Flickr but here's a couple from the day. Might look into getting me one of those yawn operated phones.

Seaside Sunshine

 A select few from our recent jaunt down to Brighton. 8 Hours on the beach followed by a BBQ and a sunset drive home. Spot on. The rest are up on Flickr.