Little ginger feline of hate and despair.

Yet another example of why cats suck. Look at this son of a bitch, sneaking up on my little brother all ninja and shit. You can't trust them.

Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke.

Last Thursday Hugh and I went down to the Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke (near Lewisham) and spent 4 hours looking around and taking photos, we were only meant to pop down and have a look. So on Sunday about 10 of us piled in to various cars and drove down (via Goldsmith's Cafe for a fry-up) armed with camera's and several layers of clothing. 
To anyone observing it must have looked like some form of school trip and whatever residents left in the semi-abandoned estate must have wondered what we were all doing. However the freezing wind soon took its toll and 10 became 6. A few hours later 6 became 3 and at 4.30, Hugh, Al and I called it a day and headed for central heating. 
It was a very rewarding day, the results of which can be viewed here: MylesPerHour. I'll post a better selection once I figure out how to post photos properly.

Spring has sprung

Photo courtesy of Alex Harley -

February 2010 sucked but was drawn to a close this weekend using a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night combo, the highlight of which was Fuck The Whiteboard's 1st Birthday at The Macbeth. I'll be honest, I don't remember all that much of it but I do know I enjoyed it.

With the weekend and February now behind me, I woke up Monday morning to an infeasibly bright room and the feeling that something was different. Indeed it was because when I twisted the blinds, my retinas were treated to the sight of a glorious spring day. I won't go into a lavish description of how spring makes me feel as I'm sure you're all feeling it in your own way. Suffice to say that I've reached the light at the end of the tunnel, it's all clicking into place and the only way is up (ah-ah). Haha, so cheesy.