Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke.

Last Thursday Hugh and I went down to the Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke (near Lewisham) and spent 4 hours looking around and taking photos, we were only meant to pop down and have a look. So on Sunday about 10 of us piled in to various cars and drove down (via Goldsmith's Cafe for a fry-up) armed with camera's and several layers of clothing. 
To anyone observing it must have looked like some form of school trip and whatever residents left in the semi-abandoned estate must have wondered what we were all doing. However the freezing wind soon took its toll and 10 became 6. A few hours later 6 became 3 and at 4.30, Hugh, Al and I called it a day and headed for central heating. 
It was a very rewarding day, the results of which can be viewed here: MylesPerHour. I'll post a better selection once I figure out how to post photos properly.

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